Thomas White

Summary of Experience
Thomas White has over 47 years of experience in railroad operations, including over 24 years in operations management and traffic control and over 23 years in infrastructure design, service and operations planning, and capacity analysis. Significant projects include:

2014 - Current VTD Rail Consulting

King Street Station Operations/Construction coordination

- Amtrak, Seattle (WA)

DC Streetcar Vehicle Traction Power Storage Evaluation

- Modeling of vehicle traction power requirements, regeneration, and performance

Strategic Review of Integrated Communications Center

- Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

-       Operating Rules and Procedures

-       Facility and Equipment

Review and Revise Infrastructure and Operating Plan

- Sound Transit (Seattle WA)

Operations Technical Support for Environmental Research and Documentation

- Port of Grays Harbor (WA)

- Port of Longview (WA)

Yard Map for Operations Training and Reference

- Amtrak, Seattle (WA)

Conceptual Design for Yard Expansion

- Amtrak, Seattle (WA)

2011 2014

Siyaya Training Learning and Development

Training Program Development

- Transnet Freight Rail (South Africa)

Operational Evaluations and Assessments

- Transnet Freight Rail (South Africa)

Dispatching Office Consolidation Planning

- Transnet Freight Rail (South Africa)

1997 2011
Transit Safety Management Senior Operations Specialist

New Starts Planning and Implementation

Pacific Northwest Rail Corridor (Washington, Oregon, British Columbia)
Mexico City-Huehuetoca Commuter Railroad (Mexico)

Tacoma Everett WA Commuter Rail Service (Sounder)

Infrastructure Planning

Development of infrastructure plans and capital improvement programs to increase capacity for:

-       Port of Tacoma, WA

-       Port of Portland, OR

-       King Street Station, Seattle, WA

-       Seattle WA Amtrak maintenance facility

-       Vancouver Passenger Terminal, British Columbia

-       Portland OR Vancouver BC Intercity Passenger Service (Pacific Northwest Rail Corridor)

-       Washington County OR commuter rail service

Operations / Construction Phasing and Coordination

-       Seattle WA Amtrak maintenance facility

Operations Planning/Feasibility Analyses

-       Washington State DOT

-       Washington Transportation Commission

-       Sound Transit (Seattle WA)

-       Metrorail, South Africa

-       Triangle Transit Authority (Raleigh-Durham NC)

-       MBTA Fitchburg Line extension, Wachusett MA

-       I-91 Corridor passenger service improvement, MA and VT

-       Springfield-Greenfield MA new commuter service

-       King County (WA) BNSF Corridor Preservation Study

-       Southeast King County (WA) Commuter Rail Feasibility Study

-       Virginia Railway Express for Keolis (contract operator)

-       Maryland Transit Administration MARC commuter service for Keolis (contract operator)

-       CALTRAIN commuter service (San Francisco CA) for Keolis (contract operator)

Operational Evaluations and Assessments

-       Sound Transit (Seattle WA)

-       Chicago Planning Study

-       Metrorail, Johannesburg, South Africa

-       Pacific Northwest Rail Corridor (OR, WA, BC)

-       Alaska Railroad, Anchorage, Alaska

-       Port of Seattle (WA)

-       Capitol Corridor (California) equipment management plan analysis

-       I 91 Knowledge Corridor (Massachusetts, Vermont)

-       MBTA Fitchburg Gardner (Massachusetts) commuter rail extension

-       Port of Oakland inland port (California)

-       Port of Vancouver WA

-       BNSF Arizona and New Mexico passenger train speed and running time analysis

-       BNSF Pacific Northwest (Portland OR-Seattle WA) delay analysis

-       BNSF Perris (California) proposed commuter service

Operating Rules development and Federal Regulations Compliance

-       Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District

-       Red Car Line (Long Beach CA)

Emergency Response Planning and Reference

- Sound Transit

System Security Plan

- Construction security plan for Sunrail (Orlando FL)

TUNrail Evaluation of US and Europe University Rail Programs

- Michigan Technological University / US and EU governments

Operations Technical Support for Environmental Research and Documentation

- Vancouver Bypass project (WSDOT)

- Kelso Martin Bluff project (WSDOT)

- Point Defiance Bypass project (WSDOT)

- West Vancouver Freight Access Project (Port of Vancouver)

Publications, Lectures & Training Programs


-       Elements of Train Dispatching, Vol. 1

-       Elements of Train Dispatching, Vol. 2

-       Managing Railroad Transportation

-       The Railroad, What it is, What it Does, 5th Edition (Contributing Author)

-       Railway Signalling and Interlocking, International Compendium (Co-author)

-       Traffic (Co-author)


-       International Heavy Haulage Association

-       Transportation Research Board


-       University of Washington, Seattle, WA

-       Institute for Railway Systems Engineering, Braunschweig, Germany

-       University of Wisconsin School of Engineering, Madison WI

-       Conference - Fundamentals of Managing Rail Operations, Benoni ZA

Guest Speaker

-       Friedrich List Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences, Dresden Technical University, Dresden Germany

Student Project and Thesis Advisor

-       Friedrich List Faculty of Transportation and Traffic Sciences, Dresden Technical University, Dresden Germany

-       Institute for Railway Systems Engineering, Braunschweig, Germany

-       Michigan Technical University

-       Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon

-       Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul Turkey


-       Board member and charter member, International Association of Railway Operations Research (Netherlands and Germany)

1976 1996
Burlington Northern / Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad

Sixteen years of hands-on railroad operations and transportation management experience as an Operator, Train Dispatcher and Asst. Chief Train Dispatcher.

Four years:

o   capacity planning and management,

o   service planning,

o   scheduling,

o   passenger startup programs,

o   IT systems development,

o   IT systems implementation,

o   training.

1967 1975
Served in various operations positions (Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal, Southern Pacific, Alameda Belt Line, The Oakland Terminal Railroad, and Milwaukee Road):

  • Interlocking and Train Order Operator
  • Station and Yard Operations
  • Yard Crew Management
  • Train Dispatcher
  • Asst. Chief Train Dispatcher (power and crew management, maintenance of way scheduling, line and terminal capacity management, scheduling and performance)