Elements of Train Dispatching - Volume 1

There is more to train dispatching than lining up CTC signals or issuing movement authority on the radio. Train dispatching is the management of railroad operations. Extensive on the job training has been replaced with short classroom courses, reducing the preparation and proficiency of train dispatcher candidates.

Volume 1 of Elements of Train Dispatching has a short history of train dispatching and traffic control, a general description of the work of a train dispatcher, and an introduction to railroad infrastructure and operation. Topics include:

Illustrations include photographs and diagrams of elements of track structure, signals, cars, locomotives, and airbrakes.

The text includes a glossary of commonly used (and some once commonly used) railroad terms.

Complete Table of Contents (pdf 33 kb)

330 p., 152 illustrations
ISBN 0-9719915-0-2, Library of Congress Control No.: 2002108973

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