MOBILITY: Engines and Institutions

This 140 page book is the exciting story of mobility enabled by the inventions of the steam engine, the Otto and Diesel engines and finally, the gas turbine. These engines are implementations of our understanding of the sciences and of the inventive ingenuity of the people who built them. The text is written for the lay reader interested in answers to a number of questions:

  1. What was critical about the inventions to make them possible?
  2. How did the invention of one engine type lead to another?
  3. How were these engines used to provide the means to move people and goods?
  4. What businesses and government institutions and their activities were central to the development of the mobility we enjoy today?
  5. What about the future of mobility and the engines that will be required?

The book is illustrated with almost 100 photographs and sketches relating to the story, richly augmenting the text with examples.

he jet engine, as an implementation of the gas turbine, is the most advanced technological extension of our knowledge about the science of engines as applied to the mobility of ordinary people and is described is greater detail. Its application to the modern airplane revolutionized travel and political influence around the world. It is therefore described as a preamble to what the future may bring. That future will be greatly influenced by the availability of petroleum and the environmental consequences of its use.

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