It’s not the future that was promised a half century ago. The days of carefree driving on the open road that were the promise of the future through the 1950s did not last very long. For most people, they are gone. In years past, we left from the place where the car was parked, drove to our destination, and parked the car. Now we’re parked while we attempt to travel. Every month, about the same number of people are killed in traffic accidents in the US as were killed in the September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. Every year, the number of injuries related to highway crashes is about twice the number of US soldiers wounded in combat since 1940. Individually and collectively, Americans use more oil than any other country. In order to do that, we purchase a substantial amount of oil from foreign countries, many of which are not exactly friendly to the US. The US competes with other economies around the world, countries that have taken the availability of mobility much more seriously. The lack of planning for a day with reduced availability of petroleum puts the US economy at great risk. We’re headed down a dead end street, or would be if we weren’t sitting in traffic.

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