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The ordering system is not set up for dealer accounts. It can only charge the full retail price. We can, however, make sales to book retail sellers at a discounted price.

We offer the following discountfrom retail price to retail bookstores/sellers/dealers: purchase of a single book-22% discount, purchase of more than one book in an order 25%.

Invoices are sent when the merchandise is shipped and are payable within 60 days. Invoices may be paid by credit card or by a check drawn on a US bank. For orders received by mail, the invoice will sent by mail. After 60 days 1.5% interest per month thereafter is added to the total due. All amounts are payable in US Dollars.

Please respond here with the

of the store. We will respond to your email and you may then order books by email as needed. When ordering, please specify the name and shipping address if we are shipping directly to your customer.