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VTD Rail Publishing is a one-person operation. My primary occupation is railroad operations consultant. I try ship each day's orders the next day (or the next day that the carrier works if the next day is a weekend or holiday), but often it is necessary to delay shipping or even correspondence because of the requirements of consulting work.

US Postal Service Media Mail is the least expensive, but transit can take a long time, perhaps weeks.

US Postal Service Priority Mail will arrrive in 2 or 3 days, says the Postal Service, however they do not guarantee it.

Shipping outside of the United States

Air mail advertised transit time is 4-7 days.

The post office does not guarantee transit times. Transit time of an international shipment may also be affected by customs procedures.

Shipping charges

Shipping has become complex. We have limited our shipping to US Postal Service. The postal service prices have gone up in recent years, but are no substantially less than equivalent service on other carriers. There are several classes of service, there are by-the-pound rates, there are flat-rate containers, there are variations in price depending upn weight, dimensions, and distance. The shipping choices presented when ordering from this website have been developed to present a simple way of determining shipping prices that are as economical as possible. That may mean that your purchase may arrive in a flat rate container , more than one flat rate container, an ordinary envelope or package, or a combination.

If ordering directly, please contact us for a shipping price for your order.